Iranian Charity Receiving Bitcoin Donations

Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation Logo

Some of us when we think of Bitcoin we think of money, or PayPal. What we rarely think about is how Bitcoin can be used as a way for charities to obtain donations. Over the last several years there has been an increase in charities around the world which accept crypto currency donations.

On top of this we’ve also seen political candidates in the United States accepting digital currency donations for their campaigns. One surprising thing I discovered a few days ago is that there is a charity based in Iran which is receiving Bitcoin donations. I was blindsided to see this because I do follow crypto currency news out of Iran, and I even have a Google News alert for “Iran Bitcoin”.

So when I came across this after seeing it on a thread on I was surprised. It seems that a group is working independently of the Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation to raise Bitcoin donations using an online store on They are then taking the Bitcoin donations and trading them for Iranian Rials and then donating the Rials to the Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation.

As I looked more into the online store I found that the group put out an online video after they hit their first fundraising goal of $50.00 worth of Bitcoin. Really, $50.00 is nothing when you think about it, but if they bring in more donations for the charity then it could really start gaining traction there and we could see the charity itself begin accepting Bitcoin directly to bring in money from donors around the world.

I would imagine that the Iranian government there is keeping a close eye on this and it wouldn’t surprise me if there are government employees involved in this effort. Maybe they’re running the store as a test case operation to see what they can learn from it and how successful it could actually be. One thing is for sure, if Donald Trump’s economic pressure keeps up, the Iranians are going to need every bit of capital they can get their hands on.


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